Installing Programs in Kubuntu

You have your new installation of Kubuntu on your computer. But you’ve found that it’s missing a few programs that you need to get up and running at full steam. How do you install what you need? This article aims to explain the different ways of installing programs in Kubuntu.

Types of Cryptography

Cryptography. It’s not just the stuff of spy novels. Cryptography is found in places that you wouldn’t even imagine. You’ve probably been using cryptography, and don’t even realize it. This article will show you a few of those hidden locations.

How to Use Encryption Procedures and Protocols

You’ve looked into encryption procedures and protocols and have decided on the type that you want to use. But, how do you actually go through the process of encrypting a file or message? This article will serve as a step-by-step guide on encryption.

Cryptography Methods

Which cryptography method is the best? It depends on what the intent for the cipher is and how concerned you are that it may be broken. In this article I will discuss the different methods and help you determine which is best suited for your needs.

Understanding Networking Topologies

The purpose of this article is to help you to understand networking topologies, and how they work. This will give you a general understanding with the hopes that it will start to prepare you for the Network + or other Networking Certification exams.

Understanding Networking Hardware

So, you want to create a network, but you don’t know where to start. You need to understand the network hardware in order to build an efficient network. This article aims to explain what the different pieces are, and help you to decide on the ones you need.

How to Encrypt an Email

It is possible to send confidential information between parties over the Internet- even through email. This article will explain what encrypting an email is, how to encrypt an email, and what happens after you send the encrypted email.

Configuring Outlook Express for Maximum Security

If you use Outlook Express, Windows Mail (on Windows Vista) or Windows Live Mail (on any version of Windows including Windows 7), then you need to secure the client. This article will help you to maximize your security levels, and reduce your threat level.

Configuring Outlook for Maximum Security

If you are using Microsoft Outlook it’s fairly secure. However there are still steps that you should take to maximize your security– and minimize the risk of infection or phishing. This article will present the steps that you will want to consider.

What is Hacking and Hackers: an Overview

“Hackers have infiltrated the power grid.” “Hackers stole credit card data.” “Hackers created a virus.” We’ve all heard and read these stories on the news. What are hackers though? In this article, I will discuss what hacking is, and what hacking isn’t.

Removing Viruses with System Restore

When System Restore first appeared in the market, computer manufacturers and other companies claimed that it gave users “Peace of Mind” and that it could remove viruses and fix other problems with the computer. In this article, I will explore this concept, and shed some light on it.

What Is A Rootkit?

In this article I will describe what a rootkit is, a little about the history of rootkits (including the famous Sony/BMG rootkit), the different types of rootkits, and finally I’ll touch on how to detect and remove rootkits.

How to Find a Green Computer

Today the talk is “Green” and saving energy. One of the standards of “Green” is the Energy Star rating. But, how do you find an energy efficient computer? I will show how in this article.