Setting up Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker on Windows 7

Windows Movie Maker has been in every version of Windows since Me… XP and Vista… but it’s not in Windows 7. What does that mean to the community of Movie Maker users?

They can download and install Window Live Movie Maker and MM2.6, add Photo Story 3, and continue making movies.

Importing Source Files Into Windows Live Movie Maker

With previous classic versions of Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker you import existing pictures, video clips and music from your hard drive, or import/capture video from your camcorder. The new streamlined Windows Live version doesn’t connect to cameras or camcorders. What files can you use?

The Future of Windows Movie Maker in Windows Live

I’ve been living with Windows Movie Maker since it was introduced in late 2000. As an entry level video editing app included in the operating system, it grew in features as part of XP and Vista. Now it’s been totally redone and moved to the downloadable Windows Live suite.