Lashan Clarke

The Recommended Lab Tests After Perinatal Loss

There are quite a number of recommended blood tests after perinatal loss, also known as miscarriage or stillbirth. These tests, known as recurrent pregnancy loss testing, can be used to determine what the cause might be for the woman to not be able to sustain a pregnancy.

Ph.D. Programs in Theology

Two phd programs in theology are offered by the University of Notre Dame and Fuller Theological Seminary. These programs can prepare anyone wanting a doctoral level degree in the area of theology and religion with a firm foundation for teaching and research.

Actuarial Science Graduate Degrees

There are various actuarial science graduate degrees that are offered but some of the top ones have been given the approval of the Society of Actuaries. Two of these programs are at Georgia State University and the University of Connecticut.

Learn About the Heparin Assay Test

Heparin is mainly used to treat anyone condition in which the person has blood clots, or is at risk of forming a blood clot. The heparin assay test measures the level of heparin during treatment of medical conditions such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.