Ollie Hicks

Celiac Disease Genetic Factors: How Important Are They?

Celiac disease involves an inability to digest a protein from wheat and other grains. It is mediated by the cells and enzymes of the immune system and can lead to damage via immune attacks on autoantigens. This article considers current knowledge regarding genetic factors of celiac disease.

Modifying GPS Maps: Where Do You Need To Look?

GPS products have given us a wonderful capacity to navigate our way around our world day by day whether driving, hiking, sailing, or flying. But, their utility is dependent to a very large degree on the accuracy and personalization of the maps we use. Do you need to modify your maps?

Skeletal Dysplasia and Skeletal Dysplasia Treatment

What is skeletal dysplasia – or more accurately, what are the skeletal dysplasias? There are many conditions constituting this heterogeneous group – but what are the causes and qualities which unite them? This article aims to look at the current state of knowledge regarding diagnosis and etiology.

What is Deep SNP Testing in DNA?

Genetic testing is a fascinating area of study. Deep SNP testing takes advantage of the characteristics of single nucleotide polymorphisms – or SNP/’snip’ – to chronologically and genetically isolate a test subject to a particular branch or ‘clade’ in terms of genetic lineage.

How Robust Is DNA Fingerprinting and DNA Forensics?

The development of DNA fingerprinting and its use in the courts has helped us all feel a lot more secure about the justice of criminal trials. But can problems arise with DNA evidence? Are all the techniques involved as reliable as we might like them to be?