Sam OBrien

The Basics of Manually Creating HTML Email

Learn what’s involved with manually creating HTML email. Knowledge of the code behind what’s seen in a browser allows you the freedom to author web pages with nothing but the simplest text editor if that’s all you have at your disposal.

Database Normalization Made Simple

Although database normalization is understandably an intimidating subject, it doesn’t have to be when speaking of learning and practicing the “low level” normal forms beginning with simple structures.

Getting Started With Linux Printing

Linux printing is significantly different from printing under Windows; that doesn’t mean, however, that it is always more difficult to set up. These tips and advice will help you to get started even if you’re a newbie.

Command Line Linux Printing Made Simple

Have you ever wondered how printing from a Linux command line works? Although it’s a rare occurrence, graphical user interfaces (GUIs) can and do “break.” Learn Linux printing from a terminal to be prepared for such times.

Using the PHP Date Function

Learn the basics of the PHP date function to be able to add a dynamic date to your website. Extensive knowledge of the PHP programming language is not required to take advantage of the flexibility of PHP date functions.

A Berry Linux Comparison

This Berry Linux comparison outlines some of the differences and similarities between this flavor and Fedora, the distribution on which it was based, in a Berry Linux vs. Fedora format