What are Bollinger Bands? Introduction to Bollinger Bands

Stocks have rallied from a long-overdue pullback after a ten month rise from the March, 2009 bottom. Are stocks going even higher? Are they ready to resume the pullback? One of the ways to determine if a financial vehicle such as stocks, bonds, gold, oil, is at an extreme value is Bollinger Bands.

MACD Formula Analysis Defined Explained

MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence; it has been around for over 40 years now after having been developed by Gerald Appel. It remains a valuable and widely used technical indicator, but, as with any stock analysis tool, MACD must be understood to be applied properly.

Moving Averages Exponentially Weighted What is EMA

Moving averages have long been used to define trends in data from various sources, from weather and climate to investment markets. Different methods for computing moving averages yield slightly different results and benefits, making certain averages particularly well suited for investment analysis.

Becoming a Certified Webmaster

Webmaster. Sounds like someone who taught Spiderman. And if there weren’t such a thing as the internet, that explanation would suffice . But the thousands of companies, organizations, and individuals who want to tap into what the internet offers have made Webmaster a much more involved title.

Purchasing SSL Certificates from Your Web Host

Do you have an online shopping or e-commerce site? Do you require users to log into your site or to provide personal information? Are your visitors unsure that their personal and financial information is secure? Answering “Yes” to any of these questions means that SSL certificates might be for you.