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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Students

Being a student is hard work. All of the information you need to stay afloat can sometimes be daunting and having everything in different places is never ideal, however, we’ve put together the must-have apps for any student to make your life that much easier – giving you time to enjoy student life!

Best iPhone Apps for Reaching the Alpha State

If you’ve ever had a daydream, let your mind wander whilst still being alert or practiced meditation, the chances are you’ve experienced the Alpha state. Although there’s no abundance of apps available on the iPhone, to help you further along we’ve compiled the best available today.

How to Export iPhone Contacts List as CSV

Having your iPhone contacts to hand in case of any mishaps, or if you’re changing your iPhone, is definitely worth the five minutes it takes to back them up. Here we show you how to export your iPhone contacts list as a .CSV file which you can open in Excel or transfer to another mobile device.

Best iPhone 2G Cases

Most of us with iPhones quickly realise it’s definitely a good idea to protect our beautiful, sleek and expensive devices from the inevitable scratches they will get over their lifetime. With that in mind here is a round up of the best cases for the iPhone 2G.

Best Fashion Apps for iPhone

If you’re a bit of a fashionista, you’ll realise that there is a world of fashion iPhone apps out there, some okay, some good and a select few amazing. Here we’ve collated the best fashion apps for the iPhone out there in terms of organisation, news, advice and more.

Best Toddler Apps for iPhone

Anyone with children would agree that toddlers are at an age where they really start to pick things up and it’s at this point in time where learning can be introduced as long as it’s fun. Read on for our best iPhone educational apps for toddlers.

Best Baby iPhone Apps

If you’re a proud parent or about to be, you’ll be pleased to know that your iPhone can make your life much easier with our best baby apps for the iPhone. Including pregnancy and baby development, best baby flashcards, baby monitor, feed timer and more, we have everything you need for a little one.

How to Use iPhone Caps Lock and Virtual Keyboard

The iPhone virtual keyboard is quite intuitive to use, but not the easiest at first, the caps lock for example, isn’t immediately apparent. Here’s your guide on how to get to grips with the iPhone caps lock and the rest of its impressive features.

iPhone Parental Controls

Gaining more control and setting parental controls, we will call them restrictions, on the iPhone is a simple process. You can restrict all manner of items on the iPhone and here’s how.

How to Activate the iPhone

So you’ve bought an iPhone and you’re not sure what to do with it to begin using all of the awesome features. Here is your guide to activating your iPhone.

iPhone Security Camera Systems

Whether you want to use your iPhone to keep an eye on your property whilst on holiday, check on the hired help or even use your iPhone as a baby cam, with the iPhone allowing you to view security cameras, IP and CCTV and be used as a camera itself, this is now possible with the following great apps.

Best iPhone Apps for Maps

Since the arrival of the iPhone it is fast becoming a universal device replacing phone, computer, portable gaming, portable music players, books and now PNDs. With more and more people choosing to utilize the maps and GPS features, we’ve narrowed down the best iPhone apps for maps and here they are.

Best Ten Free Personal Finance Apps for iPhone

With almost half of all adults being worried that they don’t spend enough time or effort managing their finances, we’ve found the best free personal finance apps for iPhone so you can ditch those spreadsheets for good.

Top Ten Free Fun iPhone Apps

Here are the top ten free fun iPhone apps that you have to check out. They don’t fall into any one particular category but are all great fun to have on your iPhone.

Top Ten Free Social Networking Apps for iPhone

Social neworking has been extremely popular since way before the iPhone was even thought of so it’s only natural that with the iPhone we would get all of our favourite sites in app form. Here is the list of our top 10 free social networking iPhone apps available now.

Best iPhone Apps: Free Apps

With a world of information at your fingertips the iPhone is truly a great device to have. Here is a list of the top free iPhone apps you should not be without.