N. Plowman

10 Tips for Ensuring the Retention of Talented Employees

Employee retention has always been a difficult pursuit for companies. This article identifies ten ways to effectively manage the retention of talented employees through managing satisfaction, motivation, workplace needs and stressors–and providing growth opportunities, balance and feedback.

Top 10 Influential Factors That Affect Job Training

Transfer of learning is critical to recognizing a positive rate of return, but many companies fail to realize most of the influencing factors are out of the learner’s control. This article identifies the top ten influential factors that affect job training, which focus mainly on the organization.

Employee Attendance: Controlling Absenteeism in the Workplace

Many employers attempt to reduce absenteeism but find it difficult to successfully do so because of a lack of understanding relating to employees and attendance. This article identifies why employees tend to miss work and how employers can effectively control absenteeism throughout the workplace.

Elements of a Job Description: What Should Be Included?

Job descriptions are difficult to write because it is hard to know which details are important. Fortunately, this article lists the seven elements of an effective job description and explains the benefits associated with exerting the time and energy into developing a well-written job description.

Top Five HR Strategies for Small Business Owners

Small business owners can benefit immensely from understanding and employing common human resource trends and strategies for improving their workforce. This article discusses the top five HR priorities for small business owners and discusses the best way to implement these strategies.