Understanding PC Processor Performance

Choosing the right processor for a new computer or an upgrade can be confusing with so many different models and speeds available. Learn which features are important for a particular purpose and select the right CPU for the job by comparing cache memory, clock speed, and number of cores with price.

How to Troubleshoot a Gateway Computer Hard Drive Problem

Test a Gateway computer hard drive for problems related to the electronics or the surface of the hard drive platters and back up the data on a drive using standard operating system tools and free utilities. Back up the data using an external USB hard drive adapter and a working computer for storage.

Directions to Reset BIOS Password for Dell Laptop

Remove BIOS passwords from Dell laptops by taking the computer apart and removing the power source that stores the password, date and time, and system information on the CMOS and NVRAM chips. This straightforward approach works every time on any model of laptop or notebook computer.

Seagate Hard Drive Diagnostics SeaTools Utility Overview

Hard drive testing is easy with the latest version of SeaTools for Windows from Seagate, a utility that allows advanced diagnostics to be run on internal and external hard drives from most manufacturers from a simple Windows interface. Also included in the free download is a bootable DOS CD image.

Data Recovery for Hitachi Hard Drive

All of the data on a failed Hitachi hard drive can be recovered using one or more of these methods, often right on the bench with software and tools that are already on hand. Advanced methods are also discussed for critical data or stubborn drives that are completely dead or resist recovery efforts.

3D Printer Technology & 3D Printer Comparison

3D printers are more compact, affordable and easy to use compared with Rapid Prototyping (RP) machines and in the near future 3D printers will be ubiquitously seen in all offices and homes. Compact 3D printer kits are already finding their way into the mainstream markets.

Ntfs – Why You Should Convert from FAT to NTFS

If you use an old computer that has been upgraded to a newer version of Windows, it may use a file system called FAT, for File Allocation Table. There are many advantages of upgrading the file system to NTFS, which has become the standard for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and even Windows XP.