Getting, Adding, and Changing Google Earth Mac icons

Getting, Adding, and Changing Google Earth Mac icons can be a straightforward task once you know where you can get the new icons from and you figure out how to replace them. It isn’t rocket science and you will love the new customized and polished look of Google Earth.

The Best DVD Burning Software For Your Macbook

Whether you want to burn a picture DVD or burn all the songs that you’ve got stored on your computer, you will need to get something that packs the right amount of punch. Roxio’s Toast Titanium and Pro software as well as Disco and Disk Utility which is bundled with your Mac are all great options.

The best freeware to convert DVD to Mac format

So you would like to rip a set of movies to store on your MacBook’s hard drive while you are jetting off to an exotic location. Or you might need to make a digital copy of your wedding video. Handbrake offers you a free way to convert DVD formats to Mac native files that even your iPod can play.

Mac optimize hard drive with free scripts

There are a few scripts that form the secret applesauce that is necessary to get your Mac’s hard drive optimized and running at its best. This article tells you how you can get those scripts to run at your connivence.

Best network security software for Mac OS X Leopard

Your Mac is pretty secure out of the box, but is that enough? With virus attacks going up every year and more Macintoshes being sold, the best thing to do is err on the side of caution. Read on to find out about the best in Mac OS X network security solutions.