The Significance of an Oncogene of MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Line

MCF-7 is a ‘cell line’ that it is able to grow in culture indefinitely. Such ‘immortalized’ cells are a useful resource to scientists, since they allow the study of cell biology outside of the body. This article summarizes the characteristics of the cell line, including the c-myc oncogene of MCF-7.

Biological Rhythms – The Importance of Circadian Clock Genes

Circadian rhythm is involved in almost all mammalian functions. This is controlled by circadian clock genes which influence numerous biological processes. The importance of clock genes is becoming clearer and disruption of circadian rhythm has been linked to disorders such as diabetes and cancer.

The Pathogenesis and Genetics of Papilloma Virus

Genital HPV is a common sexually transmitted disease that is responsible for over 50 000 new cases of cancer per year. The genetics of papilloma virus and its tumorigenic effects are now well understood. This information could generate new ways to prevent and treat HPV related malignancy.