Create a Mac OS X Lion Recovery Flash Drive or Backup DVD

The Mac OS X Lion operating system is Apple’s first ever, fully digital OS distribution, meaning that it is not distributed through DVD install discs, but rather, via download from the Mac App Store. Creating a bootable recovery flash drive or DVD is important, in case you ever need to reinstall.

Comparison of MacBook Air vs. iPad as Ultra Portables

The MacBook Air and iPad are designed with mobility and travel efficiency as the main objective. When deciding which Apple device to purchase, it’s best to consider both iOS and Mac OS, as each operating system offers certain features that the other does not.

Cell Phone Radiation, Risks, and Other Health Hazards

Cell phones are not usually considered to be a health risk. However, in several situations, science has proven otherwise. Although they are perhaps the greatest and most convenient invention of our time, mobile phones could be a threat to your well being. Learn more about the dangers of cell phones.

Cheap iPhone: Where Can I Purchase an iPhone?

The iPhone, although competitively priced, can cost a bit more than most people would like to spend. Luckily, there are several options that you can take advantage of, which should give you the best possible deal on an iPhone and iPhone accessories.

Are Smartphones Worth It?

Are smartphones worth it? Some people swear by them, where others just can’t understand why you would pay that much for a handset, plus the additional $30/month charge. Learn all about smartphones, and when some smartphone features will come in handy with our guide to smartphones: are they worth it?

Should I Buy A Smartphone?

For many, smartphones are a daily necessity. All of the industry hype is around the latest smartphones, and they seem to be gaining popularity quicker than ever. Still, regular cell phones may be the better choice for some. Is the $30 a month charge worth it? Learn more about smartphones.

Top Ten Fun iPhone Apps

This list of the ten most fun iPhone apps features 10 very different, but very enjoyable apps that are not classified as games. Rather, they all incorporate original ideas and unique interfaces to allow you to do some crazy stuff on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

10 Best Free iPhone Apps

Looking for the top ten free iPhone apps that are useful and unique, but won’t put a dent in your wallet? This list covers some of the highest rated free iPhone apps, and lists several must have iPhone apps. Check out the best free iPhone apps on the market.

Top 50 iPhone Apps: Top 10 iPhone Apps

Looking for the top 10 iPhone apps in the App Store? This article covers apps based on usefulness, originality, efficiency, and customer reviews. Find the 10 best, must have options on the market with our guide.

Best iPhone Games: Top 50 iPhone Apps

Looking for the best iPhone apps? This series covers the top 50 on the market, 10 at a time. Some apps on our list are free, and some are paid; but either way, the apps on this list have received the best rankings and top reviews out of any other in the app store.

Top 10 Cool iPhone Apps

Looking for the top ten coolest iPhone apps? This article focuses on non game apps that are all unique and perform a cool function. Although many of these apps are simple, they will likely come in handy at one point or another. Find the ten coolest iPhone apps on the market.

How To Remove Windows 7 and Do a Fresh Install

In some cases, it may be beneficial to delete your current Windows 7 installation and reinstall Windows 7. Often times if you get a malicious virus or malware, reinstalling Windows 7 is the only sure-fire way to ensure that the virus is removed. Learn how to do a fresh install of Windows 7.

How to Do a Windows 7 Reinstall and Format Your Hard Drive

Learn how to reinstall Windows 7 using a full version disc, upgrade disc, or the Windows 7 disc that came with your computer. Part 2 in our series focuses on initiating the Windows 7 reinstall process, and gives some helpful information on estimated wait times. Clean installing Windows 7 is easy.