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A Home Office Guide to Personal & Professional Development

Personal and professional development is the sum of how an individual manages his or her affairs, including time and effort to ensure sound future prospects while ensuring optimal work output at the same time. Such considerations assume critical importance for home workers who are on their own.

A Guide to GPS Surveys & Mapping

Survey is measuring land to present data relevant to the area, and mapping refers to map-making or collection and representation of geospatial data, for navigation, construction projects and more. This guide to GPS surveys & mapping explains how to use GPS for such purposes and related information.

A Small Business Guide on How to Sell Just About Anything

Selling is the ultimate objective of any business or anyone working for any business, for no business can survive without selling what it produces and receiving cash in exchange. This SMB guide on how to close the deal every time undertakes this critical business function to improve profits.

A Guide to Network Security for the Small Business

Network security is the sum of all policies and measures adopted to monitor and prevent unauthorized access and use of the organization’s computing resources. In the age where security concerns are at an all-time high and attracting front page news, network security becomes a critical function.

A Guide to Employee Terminations and Layoffs

All employers will at one time or another need to either layoff or terminate some employees. If you’re lost on how to go through this process with ease, this one-stop guide to both will assist you in decision-making. We invite you to bookmark this web page so you can visit it often for assistance.

A Guide to COBRA Insurance for Small Businesses

COBRA allows employees and their dependents to avail continued coverage of health insurance for a limited period when they become ineligible for such benefits owing to loss of job or some other conditions. COBRA insurance for small business places some responsibilities on the employer.

What Are the Facts On Furloughs and Employment Law?

In tough economic times employers try to cut wage costs, a significant expense. Some employers looking at alternative to layoffs opt for furloughs, or subjecting employees to temporary leave of absence. The challenge when adopting such measures is remaining on the right side of the law

Do Hacktivists Hack Businesses?

The recent spate of cyber attacks has brought the role of hacktivists into center stage. Hacktivist groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec have claimed responsibility for much of the major high profile hacks in the recent past. But is there a method in the madness? Whom do hacktivists target?