What is Perl Programming?

A brief history of Perl, from its origins in the 1980’s and an example of the simplicity of the language and some words on the benefits of open source, and where to learn more.

Web Designer Software You Don’t Have to Pay For

With websites being an essential tool for any business, and for many individuals too, designing a site has moved from being the domain of only the professional to being available to newcomers and novices alike. Let’s have a glance at some software available today in the market for website design.

How to Make CGI Work

This article will take a look at what CGI is, how it works, what problems it may present and the best ways to overcome them via software and advice.

Common Genetic Birth Defects

It is a sad fact of life that every year millions of children are born with birth defects that are caused solely or partially by genetic defects. This article looks at where they occur in the world and what can be done about them.

What is genetic variation?

Genetic variation is considered to be the raw material of evolutionary change. Without it a species cannot change in response to changes in the environment. This article looks at how it happens; from mutation through to genetic shuffling, and the effect it has on species.