Remy Boyd

Reference Books for HR Managers

Human resources is a small term for a broad function within an organization and HR managers are expected to execute every nuance of their role perfectly. A great way to keep up with what is going on in the HR world is to read some of the many books published on the subject each year.

What to Ask During an Exit Interview

Are you wondering what the right questions are to ask during an employee exit interview? Look no further! Here you will learn a thorough line of questioning and get a better understanding of how these interviews can help the organization make better choices for its employees.

10 Methods to Reduce Employee Turnover

Do your employees come and go like your organization is a revolving door? Are you looking for the best methods to keep them loyal, happy and invested in their positions? Look no further, because here you will find a list of the top ten methods for reducing employee turnover.

The Evolution of the Party Planning Business

There is nothing like a party to celebrate a special occasion. Have you ever wondered how parties have become the lavish affairs they are now, or how party planning became a popular business idea? This article will explore these questions and motivate you to throw your own fabulous event.

Creating a Social Event & Party Planning Business

Social events are a billion, yes billion, dollar industry that has room for entrepreneurs to create new business ventures. Learn what social events are and how to create a social event planning business as we explore the ins and outs of this budding industry.