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How to Export SQL View to Sharepoint

SharePoint can be a central source to implement different data types and can display them in the Web parts. It’s a collaboration front-end tool that can bring in data from various back-end sources, like SQL, or Excel, or XML, or operational functions of Visual Studio with C# or Visual Basic.

Silverlight and Sharepoint Integration

Silverlight is Microsoft’s browser plugin to add video and audio content capabilities to a web site. SharePoint is project collaboration software that makes it possible to manage them from a central website. Together they will make the SharePoint content more dynamic.

An Introduction to Client Server Networks

Networks are the backbone of business enterprises. Client server networks have central management. An earlier network model, peer-to-peer, has no central management. In client-server networks, operations go from the server to the client.

Advantages of SQL Servers – Definitions and Features

SQL is a database scripting language. It is designed to allow users to ask questions to a database. A typical example might be: How many employees work more than 60 hours per week? If the database has information about the name of an employee and the number of hours worked, SQL can provide the data.

How do you install Windows Sharepoint Services?

SharePoint is a collaborative program that is installed on a Microsoft server, like server 2003 or server 2008. It allows administrators to have a central point, a “sharepoint” for running some project management controls or document services operations. Installation is easy and straightforward. Rea

How to Setup Home Computer Network with Windows 7

Computer networks were once difficult to set up. Advances in operating systems such as Windows 7 makes it easy. Setting up home computer network network can now be achieved without difficulty. Many of the networking features that used to be set up by hand can now be easily done with a wizard.

Star Formation Steps: From Star Formation to Galaxy Formation

Galaxies are huge with millions of stars. Blackholes are tiny. Yet, a little blackhole will control a galaxy, and its millions of stars. How is that possible? A blackhole controls the surrounding gravity in a way that no other object in space could. Blackholes are supergravity objects.

Using Google Chrome With Windows 7

Google Chrome is a web browser designed to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. One advantage that Chrome has is that the Google search engine is built into the browser. Until Bing was released, Microsoft did not have a built-in search engine for Internet Explorer.

SharePoint 2007 Showcase Sites

How important is SharePoint? As of January 2010, there were 1,377 sites in 19 industries that were hosting their pubic websites on Office SharePoint Server 2007.
Other websites used a web part to create an RSS feed with SharePoint – even though it is not primarily intended as a web program.

An In-Depth Look at What’s Inside a CPU

The CPU is the most important piece of hardware on the PC. It processes instructions, it does arithmetic and logic, and it modifies and creates information. It’s the most important part of any PC – but what really goes on inside?