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What Are the Disadvantages of Biometric Time Clocks?

A biometric time clock is a device that can use a person’s physical features in order to identify the person and the time he signed in for work. The device can use fingerprints, retinal and iris scans, facial and voice recognition programs. The device can be used for time, attendance and security.

How Does FTP Work: Low Overhead File Transfers

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows users to upload and download files from a server that stores the files. FTP works in a similar way to web file transfers, except it has less overhead than the methods used by HTTP. Here we will look at how does FTP work, other approaches, and some FTP software.

What are the Advances in Space Technology and What’s New?

The old public view of the gains from NASA and the space program, was that “Tang” a drink used by astronauts, was the only thing that resulted from their endeavor. But as this article will show, NASA has provided many technological advances that have, in fact, impacted the public.

What Are the Top 5 Home Screen Printing Kits?

Screen printing, sometimes called silk screening or serigraphy, has long proved its worth as a fine arts and commercial medium. Screening or silk screening lets you design images and drawings to place on a variety of locations, like shirts, clothes, decorative paper bags to home furnishings.

Most Recent Solar Max Information

Something big was going on in the sky when the Northern Lights reached as far south as Mexico. This happened in 1958 and it was the solar maximum. A major solar storm had just occurred. But, it was not noticed, not like today where it would disrupt cell phones, and GPS satellites.

Some Handy Droid Hacks

Android mobile phones have a reputation for being highly attached to Google. Some app developers, however, would like to see that connection limited. A series of Droid hacks have developed that lessen the connection. Some of the hacks allow you to flash a Droid to a network, or customize animations.

A Look at Biometrics History and Biometric Devices

Biometrics is the use of physical characteristics of a person in order to identify them. A positive identification proves that the person is who they say they are. A false identification can demonstrate that this person is not who they say they are. This can be for commercial or criminal matters.

What is the Best Office Communicator App for Android

Here they are — five office communicator apps to run on your Android. Most offer similar features, some give you unique options. But all in all, they are a great way to contact others using your mobile phone. Office communicators lets users be more productive using a range of communication options.

Logical Security Examples

There are multiple types of security, physical and logical. Physical security involves things like locks or biometrics. Logical security examples consist of software safeguards including access control and auditing, user account management, violation and security activity reports, and firewalls.

Denial of Service Attack: Examples Common Today

A “denial-of-service” attack is an explicit attempt by attackers to prevent the legitimate use of a computer or network service. By preventing the use of the service, it is as if the service does not exist at all. The device is helpless to perform its normal operations.

What Are the Best Webcams for Skype?

Skype is a peer-to-peer software application that allows users to make voice over the Internet (VoIP) connections. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free, but you can make calls to traditional landline and mobile phones for a small fee. But, you need a web camera to make the calls.

Accuracy of Fingerprint Biometrics

Biometrics is the science of using biological features to determine the identity of a person. Fingerprint biometrics is one of the oldest forms of biological identification. However, legal scholars and scientific authorities have questioned its reliability.

A List of 5 Affordable Biometric Time Clocks

A biometric time clock records time and attendance of employees. It allows a company to keep track of payroll, it is accurate and reduces errors, and it eliminates buddy punching. It can use handprint or fingerprint scanners to read the information. Break, lunch, and vacation time can be recorded.

How to Use Cellebrite for iPhone

With so much attention being placed on security, and the need to get information about potential law violators, one of the tools used by law enforcement agencies is computer forensics. Now the iPhone has Cellebrite, which can help law enforcement agencies and others to transfer phone data.