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Open Source Groupware Roundup

Open source groupware, or collaborative software, helps people who are involved in a project achieve their goals. With groupware you can complete a project with different persons performing related tasks. Open Source allows source code modifications to take place to improve the software.

Top 5 Best BlackBerry Download Manager Apps

It is not enough to download files or Apps. But a Blackberry download manager helps you keep track of the download operation and makes it more useful for you. You can split files, and pause the operation. There are even some download managers that will let you control how fast you can download.

A Look at Various Models of Collaboration

Those in collaboration or group work strive to accomplish a goal that cannot be accomplished by one person alone. Team sports are a perfect example of having many people work together to accomplish one goal, to win the game. Here are some different models of collaboration that accomplish that task.

Best iPhone 4 PowerPoint Application

PowerPoint is a presentation program. You can create slides for a slide show. Then when you are ready, you can run the slide show. These slide shows can be done at the business level, or at school, or even informally for meetings or get togethers. Now there are iPhone apps to run PowerPoint.

Best Open Source Apps for Blackberry

There are a variety of Open Source apps for BlackBerry mobile devices. These apps provide a range of opportunities to use the BlackBerry in ways that are new, and that provide better control of the mobile device. What is new here is that they are open source apps, so they can be redesigned.

Best Motorola Bravo Accessories

The new Motorola Bravo from AT&T and Motorola has the power of Android 2.1 with a small design. It comes with a 3.7” touch screen that allows users enhanced web-browsing features.It also has the Adobe Flash Lite 3-enabled browser. There are several Motorola Bravo accessories to make it fun to use.

What Is The Best Android Chartplotter App?

With the power of charts easily available in so many different ways, that functionality is now available in an mobile App. Many nautical apps can plot charts of waypoints and destinations, which makes the trip more fun. You can use your Android phone for that purpose.

A Guide to Understanding the Eath, Sun, Moon Cycle

Three astronomical objects impact each other in different ways. The Sun overwhelms anything in the Solar System, but smaller events like the Earth’s tides are dominated by the Moon. The cycles of each of these objects affect the other objects, some dramatically, others less so.

Best iPhone Apps for Identifying Mountains

Mountain climbers and hikers can use mobile devices to access their location via GPS. But what about identifying mountains that are in the environment and within view? Identifying mountains is a good way of knowing where you are, using the mountain as a guide post. Here are some apps to help you.

How to Form a Mastermind Group

A mastermind group has a goal and holds its members accountable for achieving that goal. Originally introduced by by Napoleon Hill in his book on personal success, “Think and Grow Rich,” it is different from a social club or some other networking organization because the goal drives the group.

Understanding Protoplanets: Formation and Examples

Protoplanets are like small planets; in fact, they are a smaller version of a dwarf planet. One example of a dwarf planet is Pluto. Astronomers believe that protoplanets objects form during the creation of a Solar System. Typically, protoplanets are smaller than the size of the Moon.

Information About the Great Red Spot of Jupiter

There are two astronomical images that hold the attention of planet watchers. One are the rings of Saturn, because of their dimension and beauty. The other is the great red spot of Jupiter. The red spot has been around for centuries and is caused by a natural storm in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Are J2ME Apps for iPhone Possible?

Most iPhone apps are written in Objective C, but many developers are familiar with Java and would like to develop their apps using that platform. Some development companies are pushing to make a translation program to convert J2ME code to the equivalent for the iPhone.

A History of XHTML: From the 1990s to Today

Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) belongs to a family of XML markup languages, which are the tools that web pages are written in. XHTML mirrors and extends the widely used Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). It has different formatting rules and stricter requirements but is more reliable.