George Garza

Facts About The Oort Cloud – Home Of The Comets

Where do comets come from? Where and how are they formed? These questions were studied by the Dutch Astronomer, Jan Hendrick Oort. His answers went on to show just how far the Sun’s influence extends, which is about 30 trillion miles.

Astronomer Jan Van Oort Facts: How the Oort Cloud Got its Name

One of the preeminent astronomers of the 20th century, Jan Oort was responsible for giving us an understanding about the rotation of the Milky Way, the distance to the center of the galaxy, using radio telescopes, and proposing an area outside of the solar system where comets originated.

What is Windows 7?

Windows 7 is Microsoft’s newest workstation operating system. Workstation, because Microsoft also has a server operating system called Server 2008. Their functionality is different although they are based on the same kernel. Windows 7 is more than an upgrade to Vista. It is more efficient and faster

Using Microsoft’s Virtual Machine: Part 1

Having a computer inside of a computer can help you trouble shoot many problems before they go into a production environment. Microsoft Virtual Machines will allow you to create virtual networks inside your computer, or load applications or software.