George Garza

How Can You Make Your PC Look like a Mac?

The success of Windows7 has left Microsoft ecstatic. No doubt the critics that were surrounding the OS have now had to back off. But in one way the critics have been right, there is the perception that Mac was the inspiration. See what needs to happen to make Windows 7 look more like a Mac.

Facts About the Messier Objects Catalog

Charles Messier, a French astronomer, was interested in comets, but his observations were disrupted by objects that turned out to be fixed in the sky. Those objects were called nebulae. He decided to catalog those objects that were permanent from those that moved through the sky like comets.

What is Windows 8? Improving Windows 7

If Microsoft got it right with Windows 7, what will they do for Windows 8? Already there is talk about what Microsoft needs to do to take advantage of the current and future generation of hardware, motherboards, chips, and components.

Windows Group Policy Server Implementation

It used to be easy to manage computers, even a small group of computers, but Network Administrators are now asked to manage not just hundreds of computers, but computers located in different geographical areas. The way to do this effectively is with Active Directory and creating Group Policies.

Top PC Performance Software: Improve Your PC Efficiency

When you get a new computer it has fast performance. You could access Web pages rapidly, and applications loaded in moments. But after a while things inevitably seem to slow down when it comes to operating PCs. But PC performance improvement is possible. These are programs that you can use.

What is the Framework?

Why is programming hard? How can it be made easier and at the same time allow for the dynamic changes that occur with the introduction of software which make it more difficult and challenging? The only way is if there is a framework that takes into account these elements.