George Garza

How Do You Measure Security and the Cloud?

As the Internet has expanded to do more tasks than were ever envisioned, the latest manifestation is the Cloud. The “Cloud” is the Internet, but what makes it different is that Cloud services have a destination. You can store files or run programs. But recent events have made its security suspect.

Some Examples of Geocache Incidents

Geocaching is an outdoor hide and seek game. With GPS devices as the basis of the hunt, players look for hidden containers, called geocaches, and then share their experiences online. However, there have been geocache incidents that raise security issues.

How is GPS Surveying Accuracy Determined?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is used world wide by military and civilian organizations to accurately track the position of a person, vehicle, or other transportation unit. But how accurate are the systems and how is that determined? Start with satellites orbiting Earth.

A Review of the Spot Satellite GPS Messenger

Most mobile phones have GPS features that make them valuable for tracking locations. But sometimes the tracking system does not work well, for instance when the connection to wireless is not available. However, the Spot Satellite uses satellite technology to keep connections viable.

Android Apps for Paralegals, Lawyers and Students

Legal apps provide users, lawyers, or paralegals with the opportunity to view information about the law from a variety of perspectives — criminal, or civil law. From real estate to credit cards, from bankruptcy to wills and trusts, these apps provide quick access to useful legal information.

The Problem with In-App Purchases

Buying apps online for mobile devices has been a profitable enterprise for Apple, Google and developers. Apple keeps 30% of the sale amount and the rest goes to the developer. In-app purchases are another way to increase sales but this has caused problems for parents whose children do the buying.

US Army Smartphones Technology

Many businesses and industries are taking advantage of mobile phone app technology. Hospitals, banks, schools, and now even the US military is planning to make a move toward developing apps for troops. This could be good news as it may help the military be more efficient.

What Are Some of the Best iPhone App Route Recorders?

If you travel a lot you may want to keep track of the routes that you’ve covered, or even find new ones. Find your way back, retrace the route again, or pass it on to others who might want to us it for their travels using an iPhone app route recorder.

Instituting Strong Password Guidelines and Policies

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can break into your computer, your network or personal folder and view, steal or compromise your information. If Google or the Pentagon can get hacked, you, too, can be hacked. But you can prevent 80-90% of hackers from accessing your system if you follow some basic rules

Fundamental Principles of Information Security

How do you protect your systems and its contents? That’s where information security comes in. It is concerned about policies, strategies, procedures, tools and mechanisms to safeguard information and information systems from unauthorized access, alteration, theft or physical damage.

Working with the LG Pop GD510 User’s Guide

The LG Pop phone user’s guide is a convenient tool to have because it lets users customize their GD510 phone with many features and personalize it the way they want. Without it, a user would miss out on many items that make the phone fun to use.

Best Outliner Software for Android

Outliner software for Android will allow users to create, collect, and organize information. You can brainstorm new ideas with others, punch out specifics, and line up the steps needed to get everything done. Placing such apps on a mobile device will allow users to manage their information anywhere.

Top Android RTA Decibel Software Apps

If you want to measure the amplitude of several frequencies, a real time analyzer (RTA) can measure frequencies throughout the audio bandwidth from 20 Hz up to 20,000 Hz. An RTA device can be anything from a small PDA-sized device to software running on a laptop to a rackmounted hardware unit.