Mitty Chang

A Guide to Starting a Travel Club Business

This article is geared for the traveling enthusiast as a way to continue flying or sailing across the globe as a full-time career! Learn about travel clubs and the different steps to starting a travel club business. It could be a healthy outlet for your passions and a paying job at the same time!

Joining a Rotary Professional Club Can Help Your Business

Have you heard of Rotary International or Rotary Clubs? Are you a business owner or entrepreneur looking to network with local business owners and community leaders? Do you love humanitarian service and helping others? If you want to learn how to become more successful, this is an article for you.

What’s the Best iPhone App for FM Radio with HD?

With over a dozen radio apps for the iPhone to choose from, which one is the best for you? This article takes an in-depth review of several free radio apps for the iPhone and gives you a comparison to determine which one is the best iPhone app for FM radio with HD, and some standard versions too.

5 Great Invoicing Applications for the Mac

If you are a freelancer or contractor, sending invoices to customers could be a vital task. Several programs on Mac OS X can make this everyday task into an efficient and streamlined process. Check out these great invoicing programs for Mac that can make invoicing work a lot easier and professional.