Marjory Pilley

How to Make Lots of Money with a CafePress Shop

Do you have a knack for creating imaginative digital images? Are you looking for a start-up business with a minimal investment? Maybe a CafePress Shop is the right business for you. I’ve researched how to make lots of money with a CafePress storefront so you can focus on creating unique designs.

How to Manage Workers in Cubicles: A Best Practice Guide

Do your employees spend eight or more hours at a desk surrounded by temporary walls…i.e. the dreaded cubicle? Although this workspace design can save money, the toll on productivity and morale can be significant. This article discusses how to manage workers in cubicles so everyone wins.

Work at Home Accounting Careers: Explore the Options

The demand for accounting expertise continues because of increased regulation and scrutiny of business practices. Traditionally, services are performed in an office setting. But, work at home accounting careers are possible with a little ingenuity and a plan.