Mike Sweeney

Continuity of Operations Planning for Business

When disaster strikes in your business, how prepared are you? Do you have a plan in place that can ensure the business will keep operating? Business continuity plans can be difficult and costly to implement, but if something should happen to disrupt your business, they will be a real life saver.

Choosing a Mentor: What Do You Need?

How should you decide on a mentor? What’s the best way to ensure a strong mentoring relationship? There is a simple method that will ensure you are entering a mentorship that will pay great dividends for you. When it is well performed, you virtually guarantee yourself a worthwhile experience.

Top 10 Ideas for Building a Great Place to Work

How do you go about building a great place to work? What key ingredients make this happen? Listed here are 10 surefire ways for organizations to create a workplace that instills creativity, teamwork, and productivity, while also being an enjoyable office environment.

Tips on Writing a Mentor Thank You Note

Working with a mentor can be a very satisfying and career-enhancing decision. Put to use your writing skills and send your mentor a well-crafted “thank you” to express your appreciation and gratitude. It only takes a few minutes to compose, but the positive impact can be career long.

Find Out What Your Customers Want with Direct Mail Feedback

Are you searching for different ways to learn from your customers? Here’s an easy way to implement customer satisfaction strategy – create a simple-to-complete direct mail feedback program targeted to your customers that invites recommendations and opinions about your products and services.

Planning and Goal Setting Strategies: 10 Must Have Tips

Linking your personal goals to your business goals is an important strategy and helps ensure they are mutually achieved. Creating a goal setting strategy that encompasses planning is a key first step to successfully reaching your goals. This article reviews ten key strategies.

Using Questionnaires: Statisfaction Client Tools

The overall goal of a client satisfaction questionnaires is to gather useful and measurable information from the client. Well-designed questions will allow the client an opportunity to provide their input quickly and accurately, ensuring that the information is useful to the vendor.

Examples and Tips for Great Sales Meeting Themes

Tired of the same old sales meeting? If so, create engaging and productive sales meetings for salespeople and managers alike. Here, we provide ideas and tips to help managers develop thought-provoking and worthwhile sales meetings that are enjoyable to attend and facilitate.

Learn the Questions to Ask Employees to Get Feedback

Knowing what questions to ask employees to get feedback is a common dilemma for supervisors and managers. Well-crafted questions that entice the employee to provide meaningful information while at the same time creating a rapport with the employee is an essential skill for managers.

Defining Coaching vs. Mentoring Roles

Defining the roles of coaching vs. mentoring can sometimes be inexact since they share many of the same interpersonal skills. Coaching is usually reserved for positions of authority such as a manager. Mentoring is performed by a person with specific skills or experience with no direct authority.

Identify and Master Common Mentoring Dilemmas

A successful mentor understands the many common mentoring dilemmas that can surface during a mentoring relationship. With a plan in place, and a strategy to manage the unforeseen challenges, the mentor can realistically expect to achieve his goals and those of the mentee and the organization.

Example: Opening Statement for Mediation

When dealing with conflict between employees, mediators who successfully resolving their issues will help build confidence and morale. This in turn encourages greater cooperation and team performance. How a mediator opens a session will play a large part in the overall success of the mediation.