Chief Engineer Mohit Sanguri

Wind Turbine Minimum Spacing

Wind farms are generally said to have more than three wind turbines. It is a known fact that turbines in a wind farm affect other turbines in energy production and mechanical loads. The turbines have to be spaced properly other wise the resulting turbulence and wake would upset the other turbines.

Stoichiometric Air Fuel Ratio for Biofuels and Kerosene

The stoichiometric ratio is the chemically correct ratio of air and fuel to ensure complete combustion of fuel. It is also called the ideal air-fuel ratio. In this article we shall discuss the values for the stoichiometric ratios of various fuels including biogas, biodiesel, and kerosene.

How Weather Balloons are Used to Study Weather

What are weather balloon? Are they just like any other balloon? How are balloons used to study weather? Today most of the weather stations use these weather balloons to get the meteorological information. This article explains about the weather balloons and their use in studying weather.