MJ Logan

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Vacations

With sustainability, eco-friendly and eco-just-about-anything at the forefront of our vocabulary, it’s not difficult to focus on going green. Don’t forget to stay green when on vacation or even take a vacation that helps the environment. This guide is bursting with ideas that show you how.

Urban Homesteading & Gardening Guide

Homesteading is mainly about self-sufficiency and living greener with less of an impact on the environment. Maybe you can’t move to the countryside, disconnect the power company or the local water and sewer utility, but you can live a more planet-friendly existence.

Jupiter’s Asteroidal Escorts – The Trojan Asteroids

Some asteroids orbit the Sun along with Jupiter. These asteroids are called Trojan’s and have found homes at a special place in Jupiter’s orbit where the forces of gravity and velocity work together and keep the asteroids in Jupiter’s orbital plane.

The Parts That Are On A Spaceship: The Shuttle System

Ever wonder about the parts that are on a spaceship? Here’s an overview of the external parts of the space shuttle, including the shuttle system as it sits on the launch pad. The space shuttle is “the most complex machine ever built”, according to NASA.

DIY Timber Framing & Construction for Building Off the Grid

Looking for information on building timber frames? Read on for basic information on how a timber frame works, the joinery used and some basic terms and principles of timber frame construction. This overview will get you thinking about diy timber framing and what it might entail to do it yourself.