Misty Faucheux

Mastering the Art of Urban Landscape Photography

While many city slickers head to the country to capture beautiful landscapes, you can find great photo opportunities in your own urban backyard. This type of photography, however, does present its own challenges. Here are tips and techniques on how to effectively photograph city landscapes.

Software Review: DVDVideoSoft for Mac

We’re all a little leery of free programs. They often don’t do what they say they’re going to do, and then there’s the problem with viruses. DVDVideoSoft offers a number of different free video conversion programs for Mac – but should you download them?

Garmin ecoRoute HD Review

Need your own small vehicle diagnostic system? Consider the ecoRoute HD. It offers a lot of usability, but it only works with certain Garmin devices. Learn whether your device is compatible and if this device is worth the cost.

10 Fun Ways to Edit Wedding Photos

You want your wedding photos to stand out from the pack. You can do simple edits to your images that will make them look every different from your friend’s wedding photographs. You also don’t need to pay a photographer a small fortune to do this.

Learn About Using the Cloud to Edit Photos

Cloud programs are amazing ways of get more functionality from your computer without having to download anything. You can use cloud programs to improve your images or even add effects to them. There are several good cloud photo editing programs available to you.

Learn How to Create Alphabet Photography

You can take photographs of normal objects and then string these objects together to create words. Alphabet pictures are fun and fairly easy to do. All you need is a good imagination and a willingness to look at objects in out of the norm ways.

Garmin GPS 420 Freezing Up

Don’t know where you are going because your Garmin 420 GPS device is completely frozen? Well, you are not the only person to have this issue. Learn steps you can take to get your device working properly again.

TomTom XL 340S Problems

TomTom’s are inexpensive GPS devices, but you may experience some issues with them. This doesn’t mean that you have to take yours back to the store or get a new one. You can often resolve these issues with simple troubleshooting methods.

Operating Your Humminbird Fishfinder

Humminbird offers different types of fishfinders, but they all work similarly. The goal of these units is to find fish as quickly as possible. Learn how to setup and use your unit. Also, learn about the different symbols and menu functions.

Free Photoshop Elements Actions

Photoshop Elements uses actions to quickly perform certain functions. These actions, however, usually cost money. Certain websites offer free actions that you can use to perform a variety of image changes.