Amber Neely

Photoshop: Fixing White Eye Brightness & Bloodshot Eyes

Sometimes the camera isn’t so kind to our eyes. Sometimes they might not seem as bright as we want them to, or we get shadows cast across them. Or sometimes our eyes just look tired and a little bloodshot. Well, thanks to Photoshop, you can give yourself bright and clear eyes in just a few steps!

Applying a Sepia Filter to Digital Images in Photoshop

If you’re like a lot of people and love that rustic, classic feel that sepia-toned images have, you might be excited to know that this is a very easy effect to achieve in Photoshop. Here I’ll show you two different ways to achieve this popular effect for both beginners and advanced users alike!

Tutorial: Photoshop Chest Hair on Friends and Family

Want to have a little fun with pictures of your family and friends? Got a picture of your bare-chested friend who could use a little punch of testosterone in the form of chest hair? By following these simple steps, you can easily use Photoshop to change that smooth-chested pal into a manly man!

Recognizing the Signs of a Bad Job Offer

How do you know if a job being offered is the best choice for you? Learning to spot the signs of a bad job offer is critical for those who are looking to make a life-changing decision, such as changing careers. These tips will alert you to those warning signs that should tell you to keep looking!

What is Halftone? The History and Uses of Halftone

Anyone familiar with a newspaper is very familiar with the concept of halftone images. But what is halftone and why are halftone effects used? Now you’ll learn what they are, why they are an optical illusion, how they modernized printing, and the different applications that they can be tailored to.

Serif versus Sans Serif Fonts: What’s the Difference?

Anyone who has spent a decent amount of time in a word processing or desktop publishing program has come across a number of typefaces to choose from, including the choice to use a serifical font or a sans-serif font. But what is the difference between serif and sans serif? Read on to find out!

The Influence of Technology on Graphic Design

As technology continues to change at a mind-blowing pace, we shouldn’t be surprised that graphic design evolves right along with it. Here we’ll take a look at what influences technology has had on graphic design, as well as view a few examples of today’s graphic designs.

Searching for Stock Images: Business and Business People

Whether you’re throwing together a presentation to wow your boss and coworkers and get your point across, or you’re looking for high quality business images for product packaging or web design, navigating the stock photography circle just got a lot easier. Check out my picks for top stock websites!