Amber Neely

How to Edit an Existing Site with Dreamweaver

Editing an existing website with Adobe Dreamweaver can be a little tricky, especially if you’re not used to editing website code. In this article, you’ll get a quick and basic walkthrough of how to open your website with Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and make your needed edits with the design feature.

How to Add Skype Button to a Website

If you own a small business or maybe just like talking to new people, you may have wondered how to put a Skype button on your website. Thankfully, Skype has made this incredibly easy for anyone to do, and all you really need is a few minutes of time!

Earwigs, Organic Control: Natural Ways to Get Rid of Earwigs

Almost everyone who owns a home is familiar with earwigs, the small brown beetle-like bugs with vicious looking pincers on their abdomen. These are often a spring and summer time pest for many people. With a little routine maintenance and know-how, earwigs can be eliminated with organic control.

Six Novice Web Design Software Programs for Beginners

They say that people require the right tools for the right jobs, and that is especially true of web design. However, finding the right web design software isn’t always easy. In this article six great programs are discussed, including web content managers and image editing software.

How to Save Flash Pictures as JPEG Images

If you’ve ever tried to save something in Adobe Flash as a JPEG image, you may have noticed that the option does not exist under the regular “Save” and “Save As” menus. In this tutorial, we will learn how to save an image or animation frame as a JPEG image in Adobe Flash.