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How High Are IPad SAR Levels?

SAR levels gauge the rate at which energy is absorbed into the body when exposed to wireless frequencies such as RFID, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Learn how high the iPad SAR levels are and whether or not the iPad is safe to use.

College Dropout: Top Reasons for College Dropout

We all know of people like Jon Stewart and Ben Affleck who dropped out of college and have been extremely successful, and while it may be the right decision for some, it’s worth looking at the various reasons why someone might drop out of college.

Top Five Best Notebook Coolers for Macbook Pro

With ever-increasing power combined with the fact that more and more graphically intensive games are being released for the Mac platform, Macbook Pros are running hotter than ever. These top 5 coolers will keep your Macbook Pro running safely and at its maximum performance.

Top Five Best iPad YouTube Spoofs

Since the iPad was first released, comedians, talk show hosts, and amateur moviemakers have created an immense amount of spoofs and satires about the product. Ranging from poking fun at the device itself to how it has been described and marketed, the iPad remains at the locus of spoof entertainment.

Best Upgrade for a Mac Mini: Top 5 Best Upgrades for Mac Mini

Here we have a countdown of the five most beneficial upgrades for the Mac Mini. While the newer Mac Minis are very powerful and fast, some of the older ones were plagued by slow startups and long waits between opening applications. Before you replace it, think about doing a few inexpensive upgrades!

Running Battery Diagnostic Check on Macbook Air

Do you have a Macbook Air that isn’t turning on and you can’t figure out why? This article will describe specific steps to take to figure out why your computer isn’t starting up as well as how to tell if your Macbook Air battery needs replaced.

What Is the Definition of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies?

What Is the Definition of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies?

While there are many different kinds of degrees available at modern colleges and universities, it is good to know the basic differences between the terms undergraduate and graduate. Read on to find out what an undergraduate degree is and how it differs from degrees earned in graduate programs.

Comparison of the Macbook vs PC Laptop

We’ve all seen the I’m a Mac, I’m a PC commercials as well as Microsoft’s rebuttal advertisements, but what are the real similarities and differences between Macbooks and the rest of the PC laptops on the market? This article will offer a detailed look at these two categories of notebooks.

How to Change File Associations: Mac OS X Tips

Have you ever been frustrated by your Mac using a different program than you thought it should to open your files? This article will show you a few ways to easily change your file associations in Mac OS X. Open your files the way you want!