Mary White

Time Management Tip: Change Time Wasting Habits

Are you wondering why other people seem to be able to get more done than you? It’s not because they have more time. It’s a fact that we all have the same 24 hours in every day and the same seven days in every week. Learn how to make the most of your time by recognizing common time wasters.

Online Publicity: How to Write Press Releases

Want to generate free online publicity for your business? First you need to learn the correct writing style for press releases. Once you know how to write effective press releases you’ll be able to generate free online publicity for your home business on a regular basis.

Telecommuting Scams – How to Recognize Them

Are you interested in working from home? Before you start searching for telecommuting jobs, it’s important to educate yourself about the types of scams you’re likely to encounter so you’ll know how to recognize telecommuting scams and avoid them when looking for work opportunities.