Meryl K Evans

Google Gadgest to Use

You know about Google Gadgets and what you can do with them. But which ones should you consider adding? Here’s a handful of the most useful gadgets to enhance your Google experience.

Convert PPT to PDF for Free

You may want to share your PowerPoint files with others, but not worry about whether they have a compatible version of PowerPoint. Instead, convert the file to Adobe Acrobat PDF. Just about everyone’s computer comes with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Converting PowerPoint as an .AVI or .MPEG (.MPG)

Convert your PowerPoint files to video especially the popular AVI and MPEG formats so you can share your presentation with others. Creating a video version of your presentation lets you burn it to a DVD, download it into a handheld device and post it on video sites like YouTube.

What Is Google Scholar Search?

Google Scholar gives researchers, academics, students and other learners a way to search for content in a discipline of interest. Some of Google Scholar’s features resemble plain old Google Search, but it has a few unique features of its own. See what you can do with Google Scholar.

Why You Should Use Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search isn’t the same thing as the regular Google Search that we all know and often use. Using this handy tool can do more than limit your search results to blog. It has a few tricks of its own to make things easier for you. Discover its secrets.

Open Google Calendar in Gmail

If you’re logged into Gmail, you won’t have to log in again to access other Google applications including Google Calendar. Learn how to access Google Calendar in Gmail and how to add new events and appointments.

Open Gmail Attachments without Logging in in Google Docs

Gmail allows users to open attached documents in different ways. One way is faster, another way lets you edit the file and keep it in Google Docs and yet another way allows you to download the file. See what Gmail has to offer in handling doc attachments and how it works with Google Docs.

Free Excel Templates Save Time

Excel can do more than just create financial reports, track sales territories and list inventory. No matter how comfortable you are with Excel, you can save yourself a lot of time by downloading free Excel templates for every part of your home and business life.