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Online PhD in Accounting

Those who wish to pursue a PhD in accounting may not be able to drop a career in order to attend school. Many traditional programs do not allow students to work while they are in school. Online PhD in accounting allows certain students to pursue a doctoral degree without leaving the workforce.

Louisiana State University Online Classes

Louisiana State University (LSU) has a wonderful online learning and independent study program. Students from LSU and other institutions can use these courses to finish a wide variety of degree programs. Here’s information about online opportunities at LSU and why distance learning is important.

Green Travel in Hawaii

Environmentally conscious travelers don’t have to give up luxurious resort vacations. There are plenty of green travel options in Hawaii to choose from. Enjoy nature’s finest at one of these amazing eco-friendly Hawaiian resorts.

Green Construction: Eco-Friendly Dwelling Ideas

Green construction is one way that builders can differentiate their homes from the hundreds of thousands of homes on the market. Eco-friendly dwellings won’t stay on the market long. Many people from different walks of life desire to live in a home made using green construction principles.