Where to Find for Appliances Recycled Repair Parts

Millions of appliances are wasted every year; buying recycled repair parts for your household appliances can help reduce waste and also cost you less. You can find recycled parts over the internet, in local classifieds or at local high street electrical stores.

Advantages of All Natural Grass Seed

Genetically modified grasses have a number of advantages but have the potential to cause ecological problems. All natural grass seed is free from GM varieties and may be more environmentally friendly.

Energy Saving with Electrical Wall Fan Heaters

Electric wall fan heaters are often advertised as 100% efficient energy savers. Yet while they are more effective than non fan-assisted electrical heaters, they are usually more expensive and less eco-friendly than burning gas at home.

Guide to Organic Gardening in the Hot Humid South Climate

A hot and humid climate, especially in the south, can present many challenges for organic gardening. Plants must be tolerant of both heat and prolonged rainfall, as well as periodic drought. Many pests and fungi thrive in hot climates and pest control is vital for organic gardens to thrive.