Bruno Kos

Google Toolbar vs. Yahoo Toolbar

Popular web browser toolbars include Alexa, AOL, Google, MSN, Wikipedia, Windows Live, and Yahoo!. Out of these, Google and Yahoo definitely stand out. This article compares both of the giant search engine’s toolbars.

What Does a Router Do?

What is a router and what does it do? Learn how traffic flows from your computer to a website and back again. Don’t just learn how to use the internet, learn how the internet works!

Remove Windows Media Player in XP and Vista

Windows Media Player is a useful program for playing media files stored on your computer, but a problem may arise when it becomes your default media player and needs to be uninstalled. This article outlines the steps for uninstalling WMP on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Home Network Traffic Monitor User Guide

Keep an eye on your bandwidth, keep an eye on wireless security, or ensure you don’t go over your download cap. Whatever the reason you want to monitor your home network, here are three tools that can help you. All you need to know about network monitoring in one article!

Eco-Friendly Laptops

Laptops do create carbon footprints, consuming electrical power and contributing to ecological problems such as dumping of toxic components. There are some simple ways of making the entire laptop experience more eco-friendly.

User-friendly Windows 7 Applications and Features

Windows 7 in its beta attempt is all set to attract computer users with its many improved automated options and multi-functionality applications. Technical and non-technical users can now talk about Windows 7 functionality in the open. Here is a compiled list of known compatibility changes.