Bruno Kos

Pros and Cons of Going Paperless

Next to all those piles of paper you have in your office, can you even breathe? Despite all those promises about paperless offices, it seems that people have never printed as much as they do now. This article is an overview of the most important pros and cons of going paperless.

Free Online Storage Comparison – Pick Your Favorite

Do you regularly backup files and folders stored on your computer? If you don’t because you have no time or desire to burn backup DVDs, you should consider using a free online storage service. Earth will also say thanks; online storage eliminates the need for paper and optical medium significantly.

Disadvantages of Grid Computing Described

Over the last few years, grid computing has found its place in numerous scientific projects, has been adopted by numerous governments, and has been widely used for commercial projects. Despite the benefits of the concept, grid computing has some disadvantages, which are discussed in this article.

The Biggest Domain Name Sales in History

If you had registered, or perhaps domains 20 years ago, you would be a millionaire today. And what’s best, you wouldn’t have to work hard, but would only have to sell any of these domains to some millionaire. Find out more about 5 top biggest domain name sales.

Fantastic Non-Blog WordPress Themes Reviewed

Here’s the deal: you need a website for your business or photography studio. You have read that WordPress has a friendly user interface, but then you heard somewhere that it is only a blog platform and cannot be used for “regular” websites. Would you like to find out the real truth?

Choosing a PCMCIA to USB Adapter

Do you have enough USB ports on your computer? No? We thought so. How about you convert that PCMCIA slot into a few USB ports then? PCM.. what? Yes, we thought so. Do yourself a favor and turn that rarely used PCMCIA slot into set of new USB ports.

Buying a Quality USB to RCA Video Adapter

If you want to connect a device that outputs S-Video or composite video with your computer through a USB port, you will need a USB to RCA video adapter. This article provides an overview of some great, yet affordable solutions. Cheap no-name solutions offering low signal quality are not included.

Choosing Open Source Web Development Tools

Is there an alternative for the powerful Adobe Photoshop? Can I install Apache, MySQL and PHP with a single mouse click? Can I inspect HTML and CSS directly from the web browser? Can I get all of this for free? Sure you can – with great open-source web development tools described in this article.

How to Choose a USB LAN RJ45 Ethernet Adapter

If you are buying a USB LAN RJ45 Ethernet Adapter, you have certainly encountered very cheap no-name solutions. If you still haven’t purchased one, you did a good thing. In this article, find out why and find the information you need about the quality alternatives.

The CSS Box Model Explained

In order to understand how to determine the dimensions of an HTML element, it is very important to understand what the CSS Box Model is. This article examines the CSS Box Model in detail.