Marlene Gundlach

Practicing Inference Skills

Having the ability to make inferences in science is a valuable skill. This science activity, geared toward middle school and junior high, will give students practice with the skill of inference.

Tips for Working at Home

From the outside looking in, learning how to make money working at home is the perfect situation. As I mentioned in Part 1, there are distractions and challenges that come with working in a home office. In Part 2, we’ll look at some ways to avoid some of the pitfalls with effective time management.

Make Money Working at Home: Facts and Myths

Working from home can be difficult. Outsiders often think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. You lounge around in your pajamas and work whenever you feel like it. Find out here the challenges of a home office and how to be successful and make money working at home.

Invoicing for Freelance Work

You have worked diligently for weeks on a project, submitted the job (on time), and then the wait begins. Submitting and tracking invoices is a tedious task. Stay organized and it will help with collecting when pay day arrives.