Mark Muller

How to Show the IP Address in Gmail and the Gmail Header

If you want to know who really sent an email to your Gmail account follow these steps to find a sender’s email address and unique Internet Protocol address. Also discussed here are the hidden IP addresses in Gmail, along with useful information to stop spam with information from the email header.

How to Check Your Google +1 Ratings

Learn to check on who is plus one-ing your websites and manage recommendations you’ve made with Google’s plus one button and see how it impacts your search placements and results.

Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2011 Review

Webroot Internet Security Essentials not only is a great computer protection suite against viruses and spyware, but also includes a firewall, online backup and privacy protection. On top of that does its secure browsing protection and URL scanner keep you safe from malware while browsing the Web.

Avast 5.0 Internet Security Review

In this review of Avast 5.0 Internet Security we look at the features, technologies, performance, support and pricing on Avast’s latest security suite which protects your computer against lots of computer threats. Does Internet Security 5.0 really live up to expectations? Read on here to find out.

Panda Internet Security 2011 Review

In this review of Panda Internet Security 2011 we look under the hood of Panda’s latest security suite which includes antimalware technology, identity protection mechanisms, a spam filter as well as online backup. Find out below if Panda is up to expectations.

Norton 2011 Internet Security Review

Norton Internet Security 2011, by Symantec, is award-winning software to fend off viruses and other malware. The suite provides a maximum level of security for both the computer as well as the computer user. In this review you find all about its state-of-the art computer protection.

Free Malwarebytes Antimalware Download Review

In this review of Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware we look at version 1.5. Is Malwarebytes’ latest anti-malware suite any good to protect you online and defend your computer against malware? Find the answers here, along with useful tips for optimal computer security.

Missing My New Hard Disk: How to Initiate Your Hard Drive

Surprisingly, Windows does not do the obvious work of automatically preparing your new hard disk for you. Once installed, your new hard disk will still be missing – unless you manually initiate it, create a partition and format it. These are the step-by-step instructions on how to do just that.