Arlene McKanic

Giordano Bruno: A Monk Ahead of his Time

Giordano Bruno was a monk on a mission. He believed life existed outside of the Earth, that the sun wasn’t the center of the Universe, and that the Virgin Mary wasn’t a virgin. The Church fried him for such beliefs, and now there’s a crater on the moon with his name on it.

Buckle Up for a Trip Round the Solar System

Planets and planetoids, asteroids called Trojans and Centaurs, dwarf planets and plutoids, meteors, comets, extra terrestrial volcanoes and volcanoes made of ice! Moonscapes beautifully pockmarked with craters and valleys, and course, our endlessly interesting Sun! Let’s explore the solar system!

The Light Fantastic: Constellations of the Night Sky

The ancients named many constellations after their gods, goddesses and heroes, and of course, the monsters they slew, or the monsters that slew them! You’ll be tempted to say “You can’t make this stuff up,” even though they sort of did!