Berry van der Linden

How to Edit the 3.0 Default Template

In 3.0 you can use a default template. Default templates are handy if you write a lot of letters with the same format or if you have to invoice and want to use your own layout for this. This article explains how to create templates in 3.0.

A guide to Python programming with Linux

This is the first article in a series for programming with Python in Linux. This article will provide you with a brief introduction to Python and show you how to set up your Python programming environment, code your first Python application and get you started with variables.

New Ubuntu Version Released Jaunty Jackalope 9.04

Today Canonical released their next generation. 9.04 is here and brings improvement to one of the best Linux distributions. In this article you will find all the download and upgrade links, as well as a tiny look at the new netbook remix. (For the download links scroll to the bottom of the page.)

How to use Vista’s Speech Recognition Abilities

Microsoft has included a handy and useful feature called Speech Recognition with Vista that allows you to operate your computer using verbal commands. You will need to run through the tutorial that is included and spend a few hours training your computer to recognize your voice.

Linux Bash Scripting – Automate Tasks in Linux

Do you have some commands you run all the time? Do you need rsync to only run when a IP address is reachable? Then you need to learn Bash scripting. Bash Scripting makes it easy to do repetitive tasks. In the first article in this series an introduction and some background.

Linux Command Line: Using ps2pdf

Need to create a PDF from a Postscript file? There’s a fast and flexible way to do it from the command line. It’s a little script called ps2pdf. If you don’t know about this little gem, read on.