Berry van der Linden

Linux Password Managers Reviewed

These days our on-line lives have become quite busy. We visit a lot of websites, most of which need a password login to get to the good stuff. How do you remember all of the passwords? By using password managers. In this article are the options I have found for Linux.

What E-Readers Are Available for Linux

It’s been a year since Tolga Balci reviewed FBReader for Linux, more specifically Ubuntu. I thought I would take another look at the options now available to read e-books on a Linux computer. In this article you will find my conclusions.

Fear: Linux Server Setup Guide

This article will explain how to setup, configure and run a F.E.A.R. Linux server. Although harder to find, the server files are still out there. We located a version(1.08) of the Linux Dedicated server for F.E.A.R.. This article will help you set it up.

AV Security Suite Ransom-ware Removal

If you are reading this you are not doing so from your infected computer. AV Security Suite would have blocked your Internet access. This article will explain in detail what AV Security Suite is and more importantly tell you how to remove it.

PBX VOIP Servers What Options Are There?

How does calling for free or cheap sound to you? If that sounds good then you should check out this article about Linux VOIP PBX servers. This article will give you some options to choose from when setting up your PBX. If you call overseas a lot or have a business then check this article out.

How to Comment and Execute Your PHP Scripts on Linux

This article, among other things will show you how to comment code. You should learn the habit of writing comments in your code now! Commenting allows you to look at your code at a later date and understand what you were getting your code to do. After we have commented your code we’ll execute it!