Keren Perles

Must-Have School Supplies You’ll Need for College

Incoming freshmen may be confused when they’re buying the school supplies needed for college — where do you start? Make sure you don’t waste your money on things you won’t need and invest your money in supplies that will serve you well through your college years without breaking the bank.

Choosing a College Essay Topic Using Essay Prompts

If you’re choosing a college essay topic and feel stumped, then maybe college essay prompts can help. Sometimes your college provides a prompt for you, but what do you do if they don’t, and what on earth do you do with them anyway? Stop that head scratching and let us walk you through it.

Three Autumn Math Activities Your Students Will Love

The leaves are red, orange and yellow, and your students seem far more interested in them than in your math class. Why not connect the season to what they’re learning? These three activities are the perfect way to build both fun and learning into the fall season.