Larry M. Lynch

Portrait Ideas for the Thanksgiving Holidays

With the holiday season almost here if you could use some tips, techniques and suggestions for Thanksgiving holiday portrait ideas, then this article should be helpful. From a focus on the food to sports, friends and family, you can get unique holiday portraits using these tips.

Using Damn Small Linux Software for PC Security

You can use Damn Small Linux software on a live CD or USB drive to help to protect yourself when traveling or using public access PCs. PC security is more necessary, and more difficult than ever before. Scams are everywhere, and the theft of personal data is rampant. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Photography Poses – Tips on How to Pose for Pictures

When you ask for pictures do your subjects line up for a “firing squad” type of photo with arms at their sides, faces turned to stone and lined up side-by-side waiting to be “shot”? No more. With these photo posing ideas and examples you can improve your photo posing almost immediately.

How to Photograph Women – Tips & Techniques

One of the photography world’s greatest challenges, how to photograph women, requires a plethora of skills, settings and techniques to fully accomplish. This article offers some useful how-to tips and techniques on how to take better digital photographs of women in a variety of settings.