Best Alternative iPhone Browser Apps

Read our list of the best alternative browser apps for the iPhone. We review a combination of App Store and Cydia browsers and see how they perform. Explore features such as full screen browsing, native tabs and so much more with these alternative browser apps.

What’s a Good Cydia App to Download Movies?

Get the inside scoop on three of the best Cydia apps for streaming video to the iPhone. Find out what they cost, how to get them and even take a look at screenshots. We have written an in-depth article which will tell you what apps can help you to stream movies directly on your iPhone.

Guide to Install an iPhone HTC Theme

This guide will teach you how to make your iPhone look like an HTC. Yes, using an HTC iPhone theme you can have an outstanding HTC appearance on your iPhone. Avoid those clunky and poor themes, use this guide to apply your own personal theme and bring the HTC to your iOS.

Guide to iPhone Picture Downloads

This guide to iPhone picture downloads will leave you no doubt about how to transfer pictures from your iPhone to the PC. We cover both wired and non-wired methods in addition to official and third-party methods. Of course, the guide is step by step so it couldn’t be any easier!

Best Las Vegas Apps for the iPhone: Fun & Useful Travel Apps

Don’t find yourself stuck in Vegas without any help. Read our choices for the best Las Vegas iPhone apps and take along your best friend, the iPhone. Complete with taxi cab contacts, hotel casino maps, popular restaurants and even show reservations, these are must haves for your next trip.

iPhones for Sale: New or Refurbished

Don’t purchase an iPhone until you have read this guide. Our all-inclusive guide covers everything from selecting the perfect model, new or refurb, pricing and even which service plans are available. We also discuss the data plans available from the US carrier AT&T and the pricing options.

Best MSN Apps for iPhone

If you are sick of not having MSN on your iPhone or just need to stay in touch with your friends, read this guide to the best MSN apps. We cover the top three apps including the official Windows Live Messenger app and all the details about how they work.

How to Add More Sounds to iPhone

Learn how to add more sounds to iPhone and change your default text messaging and MMS messaging sounds. Our handy guide will teach you how with a few simple things: a jailbroken iPhone, wireless network and a spare computer.

Best iPhone App to Download Texts

Find out about the top 3 apps to download texts on the iPhone. We have even included pricing information, a review of each and a download link. Look no further, our guide is all you need when looking for iPhone apps to download texts.

How to Transfer Game Saves from an iPhone to an iPad

Transfer game saves between an iPhone and an iPad with our intuitive guide. Don’t lose your progress just because you are on a different iDevice. This guide will teach you how to transfer those saved games even if the iDevices are on different versions of iOS.

iPhone GPS is Not Working: How to Fix

Don’t assume your iPhone GPS problem is hardware related, read our article to troubleshoot and possibly repair your iPhone GPS. Many iPhone GPS issues are software related and they can be fixed with a few simple and basic steps, we guide you through those steps here.

How to Get Video on Skype on iPhone

Don’t get mad, get video chatting with our article on how to get video on Skype on iPhone. Maybe Skype has forgotten us and Fring has decided to remove Skype video support, but we have come up with some creative solutions to get you video chatting on your iPhone again.

How to Delete Photos from iPhone

Learn how to delete photos from your iPhone both from the iOS and wirelessly using the jailbroken method. Delete photos with the simple swipe of a finger or with the click of a mouse you can delete entire photo albums without even picking up your iPhone.

Guide to iPhone Torrent Apps

You don’t leave your contacts, email, SMS or telephone behind when you’re on the go, so why leave your torrents behind? Read this article and learn how to control your torrents from your iPhone and find out how you can download some of the first real iPhone torrent apps.

Best iPhone Ballistics Apps

Take the guess-work out of the shooting range with your iPhone. Make that perfect kill every time when you calculate the bullet trajectory using your iPhone. Read our review of the three best iPhone ballistics apps and how they can help you and your shot accuracy.

BBM for iPhone? Best Alternatives

BBM for iPhone may sound like a fantasy but don’t be left dreaming, read our article and find out how to chat away with your iPhone. This article will give you all the details on whether it is possible, what your options are and how to get started.

What’s the Best iPhone Spam Filter?

Learn about the ultimate free iPhone spam filter and how you can set it up in a few minutes without the need to install a single program. Don’t be surprised to read that this great solution is free, easy to use and it comes from Google. Read our article on the ultimate iPhone spam filter.

iPhone Jailbreak Questions Answered

Get answers to all your jailbreak questions and find out everything from how to install themes to if you lose your jailbreak when you upgrade. We have assembled the ultimate Q&A for iPhone jailbreakers.

Best iPhone Apps for Security

There are tons of iPhone apps which is why it should come as no surprise that there is a great selection of iPhone apps for security. Perform local network sweeps, port scans and even view feeds from CCTV and IP cameras directly on your iPhone. Take a look at our roundup for more options.