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Image Gallery – Striking Galaxy Images

The Universe is incredibly large. Vast empty stretches of space are dotted with a wide array of galaxies — huge cities of stars, each containing hundreds of billions of suns. Take a look at some of the most visually striking and profound galactic images.

Solar System Image Gallery of Planets and Moons

To the ancients, planets were merely wandering points of light against a backdrop of fixed stars. The only moon they knew was that of our own Earth. With modern technology, we have seen each of these wanderers up close in all their grandeur and beauty.

Supernova Remnants: The Broken Bodies of Stars

On average, once every half century in our Milky Way galaxy, a star blows itself apart and nearly outshines the entire galaxy. The star effectively spills its guts upon the galactic landscape, enriching it with heavier elements like iron, silver, gold and uranium.

Free Astronomy Sky Software That is Free to Download

Have you ever wanted to know more about the Universe, but couldn’t afford your own space ship? Some software prices are pretty outrageous, too. But now you have no excuse. Here you learn about free astronomy software that you can download right away. The sky is now at your beck and call.

Astronomy Facts for Kids

Our universe is huge and astronomy studies all of that stuff beyond the sky. The cosmos contains far more than just stars and planets. Even own Milky Way galaxy is a veritable zoo of bright and dark nebulae, black holes and more.