Mike White

States With the Lowest Cost of Living

What are the ten states with the lowest cost of living and the ten most costly? It depends on which source you look to and whether you are talking about the full year of 2010 or the first quarter of 2011. For 2010, the cheapest states to live in included Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kansas, and Texas.

Eligibility Requirements for Medicare

What are the eligibility requirements for Medicare? A person needs to have worked in a Medicare-covered company for ten years, be a resident of the United States for five years (or a citizen), and at least 65. Requirements for prescription and disability coverage are also covered in this discussion.

What Are the Best Ways to Track a Business Budget?

There are various ways to track a business budget from traditional methods such as pen and pencil, to spreadsheets such as Excel or OpenOffice. There is of course traditional accounting software you can use, such as Peachtree. Knowing about these methods may help you pick which is best for you.

Benefits of a Capital Gains Tax Cut

What would be the benefits of a capital gains tax cut? Many conservative financial experts believe such a move would increase job growth and tax revenue from the rich. The tax affects businesses and individuals, and here we will explore the issue.

What is the Best Vanguard Fund for College Savings?

What is the best Vanguard Fund for college savings, if one wants to save for college for a loved one? Here we describe various funds for your convenience. You may be able to decide by just knowing what’s available. If you still need help, Vanguard’s own tools may help you decide.

Learn about College Funding for Summer Internships

How do you find funding for summer internship programs? There are a variety of sources, and this article will provide leads. In addition, if you find a summer internship through the federal government, your program will be funded. You will learn how to find such internships.