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Learn How to Share Nook Books

If you want to know how to share Nook books, this guide will explain the easy steps as well as explain the “LendMe” technology. But don’t start promising out your whole library just yet–only some books can be lent using LendMe.

Factors That Affect GPS Positioning Accuracy

There are many factors that affect GPS positioning accuracy. Everything from your location to the location of the satellites in space can determine how accurate your GPS receiver is. Some receivers can use ground-based systems in addition to GPS signals, giving them more overall accuracy.

Tips For Finding or Donating Free Recycled Wheelchairs

Are you looking for free recycled wheelchairs or interested in donating wheelchairs to others in need? If so, then you can contact several organizations that coordinate wheelchair donations in the United States and abroad. Learn more about three such programs for providing recycled free wheelchairs.

Digital Scrapbook Family Cookbook Ideas

Digital scrapbooking takes the concept of a traditional paper-and-glue scrapbook and modernizes it for the digital era. Using a photo editor, a scanner, and a digital camera, you can create a beautiful and unique digital scrapbook family cookbook that can easily be shared with family and friends.

Top Handheld Electronic Games

Whether you are shopping for the top handheld electronic games for yourself or as gifts, with so many different toys and games on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, there are some tried and true classics that you are probably familiar with, and new titles that are great fun.

Buying Guide for the Top 5 Electronic Word Games

Word games are fun, and while a copy of travel Scrabble might satisfy you on a long trip, what happens when you hit a pot hole and send the letter tiles flying across your minivan? Complete and utter boredom, that’s what. Luckily, there are many electronic word games–here are 5 top picks.

Office 2010 VBA Support

Want to know the specifics of Office 2010 VBA support? Not sure what VBA programming is and want to read an overview of it? This article provides a brief description of VBA support in the MS Office 2010 productivity suite.

Best Business Practices Ideas

Whether you are on the path of greatness through wealth, or simply advancing a family business through the stormy waters of our current financial storm, best business practices are the wise way forward. Learn three best business practices ideas that are proven to adjust your mission … with reality.

Where To Find Recycled “Stuff” For Baby Room Decor

Green-conscious parents who need ideas for decorating a baby room with recycled “stuff” can order products from a number of eco-friendly online stores. Sites such as Pristine Planet, GreenandMore, and Great Green Baby have recycled furniture, bedding, toys, and other products for a baby’s nursery.

Eco-Friendly Ways To Reuse Products For Children

Many products for children are easy to reuse, and environmentally-conscious families can take steps to reduce waste by finding new purposes for these items as their little ones grow. Save baby food jars, plastic bottles and cups, diaper wipe containers, and more by using these green living ideas.