Getting Started With Garageband: Basic Skills

It’s good for broadcasting, pod casting, and recording voice and instruments; Garageband can provide hours of fun for beginning, intermediate and even professional musicians. Get to know this easy-to-use yet powerful software program.

Publishing Movies WIth iMovieHD For YouTube

Nowadays, everybody wants to post their videos on YouTube. If you have a camera that shoots video along with iMovie HD 5 or 6 now you can too! In this article I’ll show you how you can optimize your export settings for the highest quality possible for YouTube as well as some other considerations.

iTunes and Podcasts

iTunes is bundled with Mac OS X. If you haven’t already, you should download the latest version. Here’s why: It is one of the most efficient and smoothest-running video and audio streaming devices available anywhere. Put in one word what does that mean? Podcasts.

Mac Game Demo Freebies: XIII

Picture your favorite graphic novel come to life in an action-packed video game. “XIII” from Feral Interactive is a great example of a video game with a great back story and lots of action. In fact you could play this demo over and over again and probably not get bored.

Destination Treasure Island 1.0 Mac Demo

If you like games about Pirates, rum, finding treasure, musical parrots, set in a tropical island, with riddles, puzzles, songs, peppered with danger, suspense, thrills and more, then consider trying the game demo Destination Treasure Island.

Review of ArtRage 2.5 Starter Edition

Has someone finally designed software that is better than Adobe Photoshop? What if you’re looking for a graphics editing suite with more of a Fine Arts bent? ArtRage might be just the thing.

Using Mac For Sound Recording

Here are a few basic tips for getting the most out of the very music-friendly Mac. When they say that Macs are made for creative people they really aren’t just saying that. These machines are designed for musicians, artists and composers. Are you making the most of your Mac?

Adding RAM to your eMac

Apps running a little slow on your eMac? Adding RAM may help. Most Macintoshes support more RAM than what is factory standard, meaning you can upgrade and boost your speed.