Lee Clemmer

Top Five Business Anti-Spam Tips

It may seem like ordinary Internet users bear the brunt of email spam, but businesses may be an even bigger victim. With so many email addresses present in single domains, and with email addresses for sales, support, and other functions readily available, businesses are a big & easy spam target.

Build Your Own Firewall Step by Step

So you want to build your own firewall? Creating a firewall using your own hardware and free firewall software and applications is possible. This article examines what hardware and software components you need, firewall design basics, and how to configure, test, and deploy a strong DIY firewall.

2009’s Top Security Risks

If you were a regular user of MySpace in 2009, or relied on Facebook or Twitter for communication, you’ve seen some problems this year. Granted, not being able to tweet isn’t a major security risk. But for the operators of those sites, they were top targets in 2009.

How Do Spammers Get Your Email Address?

At some point every user of Internet email has to deal with spam. Unwanted, unsolicited emails about seemingly anything, from advertisements for questionable products, pornography, get rich quick schemes–you name it. Some spam appears very legitimate, but can disguise an attempt at identity theft.

Restore a Mac Drive After Disk Intialization

For a Mac user, disk problems such as disk corruption or drive errors may lead you to initialize your disk. This can lead apparently to the loss of all data on that drive. Drive formatting and partition table changes also seem to cause data to vanish. It’s not gone-here’s what to do.

Online Backup or Local, On-Site Backup?

You may be considering switching from a local backup solution to an online one. Or perhaps you aren’t persuaded that switching from a local solution would ever make sense because of the volume of data you have. So what are the pros and cons of online backup vs. local backup?

How to Back Up With Mozy

You may want to see how simple MozyHome Remote Backup is before you use it. This article will demonstrate the basics of Mozy’s online backup solution for home users. It is a straightforward backup solution, and is free to backup up to 2GB of data. Restore with Mozy is covered as well.

Free Vulnerability Scanners: The Best of Them

Vulnerability scanners help find weaknesses quickly and automatically which otherwise might have been missed. There are many excellent commercial vulnerability scanners, but some of the best are free. This article highlights some of the best free vulnerability scanners.

Can You Stop Hackers From Getting Into Your Webmail?

So you’re using Webmail, but you are worried about hackers getting access to it. If it is available anywhere in the world, it’s available to hackers everywhere in the world. So how do you stop hackers from hacking into your Webmail? This article provides help to prevent Webmail hacking.

Free Secure Email Services: The Top 3

If you need secure, private, verifiable email, encrypted end-to-end, and want it for free, is that possible? Free secure email is available, and there are several ways to get it. Since traditional email service with email clients or webmail is not secure by default, these are valuable services.

Lost Windows Password – How Do I Recover It?

If it is the first time you’ve forgotten or otherwise lost your Windows password, it can be a very stressful experience. How will I log in? How do I get my password back? Can I retrieve my lost Windows password? I won’t have to reinstall, will I? You can reset or get back your password–Here’s how.

How Do I Get Rid of the Trojan Horse Virus?

So you managed to get infected with a virus. And not just any virus, but a Trojan horse. Well then, we know how you got it, now you want to know how to get rid of it. This article will explain what you need to do to rid yourself of that Trojan horse virus.