Laura Jean Karr

How Flexography Printing Works

There are many ways to print up projects and publications. Here we take a look at one of those forms with flexography. Learn how flexography printing works and where this style of printing came from.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Cob House?

Cob built houses are just one option when it comes to green construction. In terms of affordability and materials, building a cob house may not save as much time as other forms of green building but it may just save you some cash. Learn more about material prices when building with cob.

Logo’s as Corporate Identity

Creating an image that encompasses your company vision is an important aspect of marketing. Learn how to link your logo corporate identity up, so that the image becomes synonymous with the company’s bottom line.

Learn the Proper Format for Addressing Envelopes

In this day and age of the Internet, e-mails have become the preferred choice of communication. There are some occasions though that would be better served sending snail mail. Learn what the proper format for addressing envelopes and cards are, that way you’ll be prepared when snail mail is needed.

Learn How to Design Your Own Letterhead

When sending snail mail for both personal and business use, having the right type of letter can set the correspondence off with the right tone. Check out these simple ideas on how you can design your own letterhead that showcase the information you wish to send.

Bad Typography Examples

Simple mistakes or last minute fonts changes can end up making type that is unreadable and makes no sense to your print audience. Find out what bad typography is and how you can avoid it in your next desktop publishing.